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Breathwork Pranayama has also been referred to as Sacred Breathwork, Healing Breathwork, and Transformative Breathwork. It is a simple but powerful tool that helps alkalize the body, relax the nervous system, release stress and trauma held in the body, and induce a deep meditative state in which one can remember and reconnect to their true and highest Self. It is an ancient, rapidly growing healing modality with numerous health and mental health benefits.

The Breathwork Pranayama journey is deeply healing and soul-nurturing, and should be considered as psychotherapy adjacent technique.  Many people develop a home practice after their first experience in a class, workshop, or individual session.  A regular home practice helps to maintain and improve on the gains experienced in the first session. 

Breathwork journeys are available in individual and couple’s sessions, as well as in small group or class formats.  These journyes are facilitated in person.  A journey can be generic or tailored to a specific theme. To schedule a Breathwork journey or request more information about upcoming classes and workshops, please email [email protected]

My personal story:

When I first experienced this technique, I didn’t know what hit me. I have been a well- seasoned mental health professional and had more than two decades of meditation, yoga, and Qigong practice under my belt. But never before have I experienced a technique that had such an immediate impact. After my first practice I experienced the relief of physical pain, elevation in mood and energy, and a state of natural “high” that lasted for a few days. As I continued to practice, the symptoms of my autoimmune illness began to improve and I began to experience  more energy during the day, and a general sustained state of joy and well-being. I noticed that I began to find ease and peace in situations that used to bother or overwhelm me. I couldn’t wait to become certified to share this magic with my community, because I believe this to be the most powerful tool I have ever encountered not only for self-healing, but also for collective healing.  I completed David Elliott's five levels Healer Training, where Breathwork Pranayama was taught to me as a heart opening spiritual practice that is not based in any particular religion or faith tradition.

Does it sound a little too magical?

Ok, there are actual scientific explanations. I personally like to have some mystery in my life, but for all the science buffs out there – here are a few points:

All breathwork is basically manipulation of Oxygen intake and Carbon Dioxide output. It is a 2:1 breathing technique (inhale into the belly, inhale into the chest, and exhale) that changes the balance between Oxygen intake and Carbon Dioxide output and increases the levels of Oxygen in the body. The deep “belly breathing” stimulates the vagus nerve – which sends a powerful message to the nervous system to chill out and turn off the flight/fight mechanism. At the same time, the part of the brain called Default Mode Network (DMN) slows down or goes offline. This is the area of the brain that is responsible for all that constant chatter. This phenomenon is identical to what was found in brain scans of long-term meditation practitioners and is associated with feelings of tranquility, better cognitive function, and the release from the constrains of the ego.

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